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Nothing Spooky this Halloween!

Halloween Toast Healthy

Less tricks, more treats! (Yes, Really!)

What do you associate with Halloween? Is it rotting pumpkins? Witches' cauldrons? Perhaps is your neighbour's inappropriate costume from last year. One thing is for sure - candy has become synonymous with Halloween. Eeekk! 

But we’re here to give you some good news: Halloween doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Here are some tips on ways you and your family can celebrate without compromising your health.

Whether you’re taking your little goblins, going costume-clad with friends, or heading out alone this year, let’s do the monster mash without fear.

1. Walk everywhere.

It may be tempting to drive, particularly as the weather gets chillier. But why not take advantage of the opportunity to walk around the neighbourhood? So grab a coat, and get in those steps – you’ll thank yourself later. 

2. Don’t Deprive yourself

Setting boundaries is important, but depriving yourself completely may do more harm than good. The trick here is to listen to your body, and enjoy treats in moderation. Instead, we recommend cutting refined-sugar out of your diet and consuming healthier sugars instead. Our Superfood Bites make a perfect example of a delicious treat, without the spookies.

3. Avoid the sugar overload

One way to avoid over indulging is to make sure that you eat a big meal before going out, and that you have healthy snacks with you. While ordering pizza may be a Halloween tradition, your local pizza pie likely won’t be able to provide you with the sustenance your body needs for the night. Going trick or treating on an empty stomach is a recipe for disaster and which will likely lead to a sugar overload.  So be sure to load up on some nutrition before heading out.

4. Hide it!

Out of sight, out of mind, right? Hide the Halloween candy you buy for handing out so that it is not eaten before the 31st.

5. Healthy Halloween treats

No, no, we’re not suggesting that you be the neighbour who hands out toothbrushes. Instead, check out these three recipes for healthy versions of your traditional Halloween candy.

This year we’re serving up Better For You Snickers, No Tricks Twix, and even a Copycat KitKat.

Make smart choices this year and remember - everything in moderation. Happy Halloween D'vash Fans!  

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