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Talks with Rana Lustyan of Edoughble

Rana Lustyan

For the final month of 2019, we sat down with the founder of Edoughble to hear about her path to success in the first-ever edible cookie dough company based in Los Angeles, CA. 

Like a lot of us, we attend a university expecting our path to be laid out for us after graduating with that dream job right around the corner. Her story takes her to a few unexpected places but ultimately leads her back to her passion: opening her own business in cooking. 

What were your expectations upon graduating with your bachelors from U of Michigan? 

“I had no expectations when graduating. My degree was in Organizational Studies which focused on a few areas including business, economics and communications. I didn’t know what to do or what route I was going to pursue. I just knew I wanted to move back home to California to be closer to family and explore options in the food industry. I knew I always wanted to open a restaurant. “

Rana’s next few years in California took her from being in real estate to being a host at a restaurant to being a pastry chef and then back to business school. Working a few different jobs allowed her to see the skills she needed to open her own business and also save up money for starting that business. 

Why was it necessary to go back to business school and what led to this? 

“I wasn’t content with what I was doing and needed more skills to open a restaurant. When I was in a business class we had to create a business concept and a plan for it. 

My idea came from when the recall of Nestle Dough happened. I thought about why there wasn’t a safe, edible cookie dough to eat. It ended up winning a business plan competition.”

What builds a good quality product and business?
“One that solves a problem, brings satisfaction to a founder or others. It’s good to be mindful of customers and exceed expectations. Also, I am always trying to evolve to do things better with products costs, suppliers and anything on the business side of things. Lastly, It’s important to connect with customers, discover needs and new products.“

What are your best problem solving tips? 

“Take a step back, give time to think before reacting. It’s important to assess the whole situation and break things down to baby steps.” 


Do you have any business tips to any young entrepreneurs? 

“Find something you’re passionate about, like a product or a problem that needs to be solved.
There will be lots of ups and downs and many times more downs during the process. Build a strong support network to be there for you. Starting a business takes a lot of commitment and time. “

Rana’s story is an example that you can do anything with a plan, lots of determination and a great idea. It doesn’t matter that you take the same road as everyone else because as it allows you to reach your true goals and stand out in the crowd.

Wishing everyone an amazing holiday season and the best in the new year!

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