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Get it written, then get it right!

Chantelle Anderson
“Get it written, then get it right” 
 Essentials of Confidence feat. Chantelle Anderson

This month we caught up with a familiar face in the sports realm, Chantelle Anderson. She’s not only an accomplished athlete (Vanderbilt all-time leading scorer, WNBA Player, numerous other accolades) but also a professional “confidence” speaker who provides real self-image confidence, discipline and ethics to apply to your everyday life. 

   After seeing her speak at her 2nd annual “Confidently His” conference, I was able to interview her on her current goals, struggles, business and of course food! 

   One thing that makes or breaks a successful entrepreneur is their regimen in life. They have a daily routine which allows them to see what they need to work on in their business, health goals and other areas. Taking the time every day is truly essential to see their strengths, weaknesses and to see any “blockers” that are stopping them from achieving their goals. 

What are some of your daily routine must-haves for a successful business?
Chantelle:  “It’s important to do things regularly and establish routines. I set aside time for notes, then time to develop the business and products.” “Every morning I sit in my closet, read my bible and write. Get it written, get it right.”

  We spoke about her eating habits as an athlete. She mentioned that as a basketball player she was not consistent with a clean eating diet but now more than ever it’s important because the body is so important to take care of. It not only feeds the body but the mind. 

 Chantelle: “I try to eat more vegetables, cut sugar (especially processed sugar) and drink more water”.  “It’s so important to maintain. I love using the date nectar in my coffee instead of cream and sugar. It cuts the sugar, is natural and adds many nutrients.“

After retiring from basketball at 29, Chantelle created her own business and within two years she had successfully become one of the most sought-after pro-athlete speakers for inspiration, business and guiding young women to their dreams.


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Can you tell me more about your business and what you’re doing now? 

Chantelle: “I am in Ministries and Professional Speaking. I am a confidence and faith coach for individuals and companies. I’ve spoken at Google, Charles Swab, Pharmaceuticals, etc. I was confident as an athlete but not as a person outside of basketball. So, that’s when I decided to really find myself, develop my own confidence outside of basketball and also help others achieve their own goals.“ “I also created a book for women to help create their journey and their success. It’s called ‘Design Your Happy’.”

Lastly, can you give any advice to anyone who is looking for encouragement? 
Chantelle: “Do more of what fills you up and makes you happy. A lot of times it’s not that we are burnt out, it’s just that we aren’t doing enough of what we love doing.“ 


Chantelle’s story is an inspiration not just to women but to anyone who feels as though their dream has changed or is taking a slightly different path than expected. Sometimes we forget that what has been done by so many others is not the path that we should or will take. We are all individuals with amazing talents and sometimes we just need a little guidance. We hope you can check out Chantelle’s workout book titled ‘Design Your Happy’. 


You can find more on Chantelle Anderson and her book at her website:

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