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Simple Ways To Incorporate D'vash

Simple Ways To Incorporate D'vash

How to use D’vash Nectars

So you’ve seen them on Instagram, you purchased the date nectar- now what? Perhaps it may seem tough to pinpoint exactly how and when to use our fat-free, non-gmo, vegan friendly honey alternatives- but in fact, it is quite simple. Are you ready for it? With our line of nectars, you can add them into anything and everything you’d like to sweeten up! Depending on your food/ drink choice, choose from our 3 different nectars- Date Nectar, Date Nectar with Cayenne, and the first of its kind, Sweet Potato Nectar!

Your morning cup of coffee? Totally D’vash-able. That yogurt you’re snacking on? Drizzle the D’vash on top. We’re going to fill you in on a few fan-approved ways to use our date nectar and soon, you’ll be wondering why you didn't ditch regular ol’ sugar sooner!

You wake up in the morning longing for that perfect cup of coffee- except sugar isn't the greatest option. In comes D’vash! Many fans mention to us that using D’vash Date Nectar in their coffee adds a rich, and caramel-like flavor to their otherwise normal cup of joe or tea- not to mention it contains 25% less sugar than honey. Try this with our Sweet Potato Nectar, too!

It’s lunchtime and you’ve got greens on hand. Mix D’vash Date Nectar (or our date nectar with cayenne, if you prefer a spicy kick) with some balsamic and olive oil to your greens to create a pleasantly sweet salad dressing that’s perfect for the summertime.

The last (and arguably our favorite) way we’re sharing using our date nectars with you is in a delicious drink. Add it as a sweetener to your favorite mixed drink, like a Mojito. Start by muddling sliced lime, lime juice, mint, and D’vash Date Nectar in a glass, add rum, ice, and top with club soda. You might want to save this one for a Friday night!

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