Wholesale / Foodservice

Calling all restaurants, juice bars, hotels, cafes, bars, and packaged food brands: D'vash Date Syrup is now available in bulk for all foodservice applications!

Our Non-GMO Project Verified syrup, which is made from 100% deglet dates sourced from the Middle East, is now sold in 55lb pails and 617lb drums. D'vash Date Syrup contains 25% less sugar than honey, is low on the glycemic index, is vegan- and paleo-friendly, and tastes great in any recipe as a healthy substitute for honey, sugar, agave, maple syrup, and any other sweetener. D'vash is excellent in coffee or tea, can be used for baking and decorating delicious desserts and sweet treats, is a wonderful base for sauces and dressings, and is a perfect marinade as well.

And at a starting price of just over $1/pound, it's also an affordable way to sweeten any dish!

Contact us at info@dvashorganics.com today for more information!

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